Stephen Carmichael

Five stars all the way. Great service,respect,integrity,honesty,and professionalism was my experience in my business with this automotive facility and its owner.It was a breath of fresh air after being abused by another so call honest mechanic where i was treated like a loser, and i am certainly not a loser.The so called honest mechanic made many assumptions about my vehicle and condition without even setting eyes on it. Not professional at all. Then quoting me ridiculous service expenses on items that were properly and perfectly operating. He even took a few personal insults at me that was certainly not appropriate in the presence of other customers. At that point I diplomatically put him in his place and decided to take my business and hard earned money elsewhere. Forgive my ramble but the disgust moved me to find another service provider and i believe that Reliance was God sent!!! Super happy with my experience and i will be bringing my further business to this faculty.Unknown to the first shop, I own 4 cars and counting and know many other as I am a true and respected Automotive enthusiast that will be recommending this facility to all my family and friends in the future. Am indeed very satisfied in many regards. With all sincerity and appreciation. Stephen Carmichael.